• Kathryn Elliott

The Podcast that Talks Spiritual (not Religious)

Just because someone doesn't go to church, synagogue, or mosque it doesn't mean they

don't have a set of beliefs that guide them.

What's your spiritual perspective and belief system?

Do you know how to talk about that stuff—and where you can go to engage with other people's beliefs respectfully?

Many of us don't. And I think that's a net loss of major proportions for everyone.


Here's why.

It's hard to make sense of life on our own

The search for spiritual meaning—for a truly universal and transcendent reality — is one of the most ancient and widespread quests of the human race. But in the third millennium, we are experiencing the rise of both polarization and self-determination. And while there are benefits to self-determination, reinventing the meaning of life in a billion ways without any reference point except yourself (and Google . . . let's be honest) is kind-of a lot.

Speaking across religious and social lines has become a scary thing. Seriously.

Families and strangers on the Internet alike fight relentlessly about values that used to hold communities together—not drive them apart. (I don't need to give you a visual; you've seen the comment threads and squinted at the back of someone else's shouting throat, probably, but here's one anyway. It's real . . . yikes.)

Entire generations have disaffiliated from traditional religious institutions, taking on the massive burden of forging their own purpose and identity apart from a community that offers solidarity, compassion, social support, and inspiration grounded in time-worn insights and texts. So....

Where can religiously unaffiliated but still spiritually astute folks go to chew on soul-matters and hone their interior worldview on their own terms (without signing up for a big old debate, worship service, or doctrinal diatribe)?

Drum rollllll..... Please


Friends and strangers, ladies and gentlemen, ruffians and ne'er-do-wells. Allow me to introduce: Unaffiliated —the new podcast that I'm launching in January 2021.

Yes, indeed. Here's the logo:

Here's the podcast description, which is what you'll see on my Buzzsprout page:

Deep, unmediated conversations with religiously unaffiliated Americans who have insightful views on faith, morality, and the search for meaning. Weekly interviews with host Kathryn Elliott, a Catholic journalist who enjoys inter-faith and cross-cultural dialogue.


Non-religious and religious people alike need a new vision for talking about our common spiritual search.

Unaffiliated: the search for God offers a vision, my vision, for this. I would love for you to experience and enter this newly-forming community as both a listener and participant.

Picture this: If millions of atheists, agnostics, Christians, Muslims — everybody who is a spiritual island, relationally distant from those who are different —if we could form a culture of respect, welcome, and encounter surrounding our deeply held spiritual values and our search for meaning, we could see remarkable breakthroughs of mind, spirit, and relational connection amidst the human family. And maybe, we'd also encounter the divine together, instead of in silos.

That's why I decided to create the Unaffiliated podcast. I want to help forge a welcoming community of open-minded seekers who pledge not to push religion or dogma on anybody, but to vulnerably share the truths they've discovered and listen with empathy as other people do the same.

Would you like to join me? Please say yes!

You can [click to] follow us ---> @TheUnaffiliatedPodcast on Facebook to see sneak previews, podcast announcements, and more free giveaways ahead of our launch.

Very, very soon . . . Unaffiliated will be listed on Apple, Google, and all those other directories, so you'll be able to subscribe to the podcast wherever you like. Until then, you can subscribe for updates and I'll be sure to keep you up to date on our latest!


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