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Episode One: Looking For Unconditional Love with Geneva Toddy

In the first episode of Unaffiliated, Kathryn chats with Geneva Toddy, a writer, dog mom, and self-proclaimed nap enthusiast! Together Kathryn and Geneva discuss Geneva’s journey from her Southern Baptist roots all the way to some more recent explorations of Paganism. Read below for some snippets of the upcoming episode!


Episode One

Kathryn 0:17

Can you tell us about the tattoo on your arm?

Geneva 0:29

It's a quote from a song. It's a Fall Out Boy song, which I think really speaks to my teenage emo-ness.


It's coming back. Emo is coming back! It’s a big part of you.


It’s who I am. I think, at one point, you know, people were telling my parents that I would grow out of it and now I joke that I grew into it, much to their chagrin. But yeah so it's from their song called "Thanks for the memories" and the line is, "Say a prayer, but let the good times roll."

...you know you just have that certain bond with people that you may not have expected to find again; these are the people who are like my “found family.” We've been friends for 15 plus years now.

Arm tattoo with lyrics from Fall Out Boy.
Photograph of Geneva's tattoo.

Geneva opens up about her religious past and how she grew up.

Kathryn 12:18

So, let's see. I would love to rewind a little bit and ask you about the beginning of your religious quest. I understand that your mom is still involved in the Southern Baptist congregation that you grew up in right?

Geneva 12:37

Yes a different church, but the same overall religion and belief system.

Kathryn and Geneva talk about inner beliefs and helping others.

Geneva 26:29

Maybe my neighbor needs a little bit of help. If I'm not in a place to help myself, how am I going to help them? And I think we do need to help our neighbors. I think that is sort of this aspect of love. When I hear love thy neighbor, I also hear “accept your neighbor,” because I don't think you can really love someone unconditionally without accepting them. So, yeah, I think it all has to do with how we interact with one another and how we interact with ourselves.

Kathryn 27:00

That's really cool. So this podcast is built on the belief that every person has discovered a part of what is true and meaningful. And that by coming face to face with each other, we can really be firm in our personal identity but also curious about other people and enrich each other that way and also enrich our understanding of reality, so thank you.

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